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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Strange error during javac task compilation
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 21:41:15 GMT
Hi Anters,

I have a very strange problem happening when compiling certain files with

The file in question has the followin pattern of code:

File P1/

package P1;
import P1.common.*;

public class A extends SA {

 // Some code here using method mSA()

  class InnerA {
   InnerA() {

File P1/common/

package P1.common;

public class SA {
  void mSA(){ }

When I compile this file with Ant using the same options as in Ant's
build.xml I get an error while compiling the call in innerA to mSA(). The
error is: mSA() not defined in A.
However the code compiles just fine when compiling outside Ant with javac. I
am using JDK 1.3.

I finnaly solved the problem by replacing the call mSA() with: A.this.mSA();

Does anyone know why the compiler behaves differentl inside and outside Ant?
Is there some option I need to set for getting the same behaviour in both

Jose Alberto

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