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From Vassilis Rizopoulos <>
Subject unless and nested includes/excludes undocumented?!
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:20:13 GMT

> BTW your could code your example without the if attribute on 
> the target
> pack client like this
> <target name="pack.client" depends="pack.general">
>    <copydir src="${basedir}/config/pack" dest="${pack.home}"> 
>      <exclude name="**/*" unless="pack.present"> 
>    </copydir>
> </target>
> I know that the nested include/exclude haven't been documented for a
> long time - I think the first mention of them in official docs has
> been introduced yesterday.
Well, I haven't seen 'unless' in the docs either, but this will do me fine

>  VR> And another thing: I noticed that the <javac> task does not
>  VR> handle correctly \ and / as path separators when supplied in the
>  VR> classpath attribute setting the classpath to c:/jdk/bla/bla does
>  VR> not work correctly, while c:\\jdk\\bla\\bla works fine.
> Yes, that is because c:/jdk could be a path consisting of two parts, c
> and /jdk on Unix.
Yeap, I agree on that - I just wondered on how much complexity the handling
of path separators adds to the code and if it can be done so that one does
not have to worry at all about it (meaning that I'd be glad to lend a hand
as soon as I finish the build system for my current project using ant -
which means that I will have to go back and change the build system agai,
but who cares anyway :) ).

>  VR> I've got the binaries of version 1.0.8 installed.
That's the current packaged deal from the site - the 1.0.8 is on the docs -
I just quote what I read.

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