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From "Tim O'Brien" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/src/main/com/oreilly/servlet
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2000 16:33:29 GMT
Why can't we use the javax.mail package as in the Email patch?  It is a 
standard.  You don't necessarily need to us the reference implementation 
from Sun.  Although some think it is bloated, it does provide a very 
straightforward way to make MIME attachments.

I know it would be a smop to implement a simple mail sender, but javax.mail 
does much more and I didn't think Ant was the place for this.

Tim O'Brien

I'd be interested in seeing if anyone wants to start up a project to 
implement javamail under the apache umbrella

At 11:58 AM 6/24/00 +0200, you wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> > jhunter     00/06/23 19:46:18
> >
> >   Modified:    .        build.xml
> >   Added:       src/main/com/oreilly/servlet
> >   Log:
> >   Added MailMessage.  Hope people don't mind that I left it in
> >   com.oreilly.servlet.
>Sorry, but I do.
>We have been preaching for years now that all java code donations to the
>ASF must:
>  1) contain the Apache license "only"!
>  2) have a org.apache.* package name
> >   I did that since it's going to be a mirror
> >   of what's in the larger com.oreilly.servlet package.
>We don't mirror stuff, Jason. We try to develop and maintain it. If you
>donate that code to us, we are free to do whatever we want with it and
>development will take place. If you mirror you fork your code: are you
>sure this is what you want to happen?
>NOTE: don't get me wrong, I _very_ appreciate your contributions and I'd
>love to have all that nice org.oreilly.servlet code under our umbrella,
>but we have being following this package-change practice and I picture
>this very unfair about other projects that had to change their package
>naming to adapt.
> >   I put
> >   it under the Apache license of course, and added the ASF as an
> >   additional copyright holder.
>Again, this is unusual and unfair for the other donated projects. All
>donations imply that you move copyright to the ASF which provides legal
>coverage for you. You should place all the credit issues you want after
>* ====================================================================
>in the license.
> >   Code can have two copyright holders,
> >   meaning either party can do as they wish with the code.  This lets
> >   the ASF upgrade to Apache License 1.2 sometime in the future, and
> >   lets me be able to use the code without thanking the ASF for code
> >   I wrote.  :-)
>There is something _very_ different between deserving credits for
>something and a copyright statement. These are totally different things
>around here.
>People and companies like IBM, Sun, James Tauber, Kevin Burton, James
>Davidson, Jon Stevens, Donald Ball, Ricardo Rocha, myself and many
>others are people that wrote projects or piece of projects on their own
>and _donated_ them to the ASF, giving copyright to the ASF while keeping
>credits for themselves.
>Now, why should you differ?
>Again, please, don't get me wrong: you know how strongly believe in
>giving full credits to who deserves it and I completely understand how
>important is recognition and visibility in our world. On the other hand,
>we have been following practices that are fair and cover all these
>issues nicely, allowing all software development to take place around
>here and all package naming to integrate seemlessly, giving the idea to
>users that we are all a big family of collaborating projects.
>So, again, while I fully appreciate your code donation, I'd like to
>kindly invite you to rethink about your licensing issues now that you
>know these things.
>Thank you very much.
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