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From Sebastien PIERRE <>
Subject Conditionnal tasks
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 21:18:30 GMT
Hi all!

I was wondering if there was any 'conditionnals' tasks in Ant...if not
here are the ones I'd find VERY useful :

| <ant:if test="....">
|  ...
| </ant:if>

| <ant:for-each select="....">
|  ...
|< /ant:for-each>

This resembles to XSLT stylesheets, for those who know.

 The <ant:if> tag would allow to test for available features(for
example, which kind of XML parser is availble on the system, and so on>.

 The <ant:for-each> would allow to apply a sequence of tasks to specific
list of files[or strings] (for example you want to convert each file
that match a certain criteria into syntax-highlighted html, then tidy
the html file with the w3c's tidy utility).


Sebastien PIERRE
XML Technology intern

 R a t i o n a l  software
 Rational Unified Process team
 Vancouver, B.C, Canada

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