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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Re: cvs commit:....
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 00:26:59 GMT
Tom Cook wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Jason Hunter wrote:
> This thread is turning into a general discussion of core/optional tasks,
> but I'm going to go back to the email thingy. I don't think tasks
> involving email should be core tasks, since they make assumptions not only
> about available libraries but also about available network infrastructure.
> This is OK for some software, but Ant is a build tool, and when I think,
> "build tool," I don't think, "Ah, yes, and I'll have to set that mail
> server up as well..."

I disagree with your point, but I'm glad to see debate centered on the
merits of the task.

The reason I disagree is that whether you want to use the task or not is
your choice and something you write into your project's build.xml.  In
writing targets using the email send task you should consider its use,
and which targets it would be appropriate for.  Since sending email
notification *is* something generally useful and something we don't want
people to have to reinvent, I think it deserves core status.

> Many of us, like I, are used to working in a fully networked environment.
> Feel for people who still have a stand-alone Win98 box ( <flamewar> they
> run Micro$oft! Feel for them!</flamewar> ;-)

So don't use the task for targets that might be run on Win98.  I picture
the task used on a "build officialdist" kind of target.  


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