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From (Patrick Chanezon)
Subject Re: Junit task
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:07:31 GMT
Hi all,
we're running ant on my site, a slightly modified version that I maintain which
includes a patch for javadoc that I already proposed 3 times to this list. I'll
switch to the official version when Sam will integrate my patch.
But I am very interested into your Junit task and I vote in favor of
integrating it into the main distribution: we're using Junit a lot but I didn't
integrate it to ant yet, waiting for your task to be integrated: maintaining
our own version of ant already takes too much of my time.


Thomas Haas wrote:

> (Paul Goulbourn) wrote:
> >
> > Sorry if this is an FAQ (I did at least try and get the FAQ list but was
> > informed there wasn't one).
> >
> > I'm a recent convert to both JUnit and Ant, has someone already created a
> > JUnit task or is the norm to run it through the java task? My reason for
> > asking is that the java task doesn't seem to stop the build when a test
> > fails as JUnit has completed successfully.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Paul.
> The development of JUnit at our site is doing well. We have several
> hunderts unit tests running with JUnit and ANT in our autoimated build
> environment.
> JUnit needs alot of other non standard classes, as I missed things in
> ANT. All these things are halfway ready to be included in ANT (as the
> much discussed Path object). Due to the recent movement of redoing ANT I
> stopped sending patches and never commited a thing.
> However, if it takes longer to build the next so much improved and
> defently needed version of ANT, I woul like to add JUnit and friends, if
> welcomed.
> Right now, we have our own version of ANT, which we maintain seperatly
> from the offical ANT. I dislike this situation. I would love to commit
> more of our stuff, BUT I would like to get more feedback.
> I hope some of the new committers take on and help improve the situation.
> - tom

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