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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Compiling with jdk1.2.2 (Linux)
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 12:31:58 GMT
At 08:50  22/6/00 +1000, you wrote:
>This is exactly the same source that compiled okay on the Solaris box.
>changed except the JDK version.

okay ... so write permissions is available on all files then ...

>> * make sure you move $HOME/.antrc while bootstrapping (just in case you
>> odd settings there)
>This never got created. I suppose it turns up once the compile is successful
>but I never got that far.

where you keep user settings for ant most people dont have it (this was
just a precaution incase you did).

>Where is this supposed to be? I don't find it anywhere on my system.

okay you will have to copy xerces.jar from your solaris system or
alternatively get xerces from cvs (goto to get details).

>The difference I do find is the lack of the file in the jdk1.2.2.
>Someone suggested that I configure the ant build to use jdk1.2.2 but I don't
>see where to do that. I did compile on the Solaris box with 1.1.8, I
believe. I
>can confirm that tomorrow but I know we are not running Java2 on that


specifically look at these lines in bootstrap. JAVA_HOME should be set to
your java directory and you currently have it set to /usr/local/java. 

Verify that location contains JDK 1.2.2 and not the JRE 1.2.2 - in which
case /usr/local/java/lib/ should not exist but
/usr/local/java/lib/tools.jar should.

Make sure you are not using the kaffe virtual machine/compiler which comes
with default instal on some distributions (notably the red hat distros). In
which case try to uninstall it or put /usr/local/java/bin at the start of
PATH environment variable (by export PATH=/usr/local/java/bin:$PATH if in a
bourne style shell) .

other than that try running javac at commandline and getting compiler
version etc



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