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From Tom Dimock <>
Subject RE: asynchronous tasks
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 12:50:58 GMT
At 08:08 PM 6/17/00 -0400, Rick Yazwinski wrote:
>> And since a Java process is
>> single-process by
>> design, I assume even a second processor would not be able to
>> speed this
>> up.
>Wouldn't this depend on the architecture's implementation of threads?  I'd
>expect on a truely multitasking box (Solaris or Linux, for example) with
>multiple processors that you would see a performance improvement.

I was also mystified by this comment, as my dual processor Dell box running
Windows NT will definitely use both processors, which gives VERY noticible
performance improvements - and also uncovers a lot of bugs in
multi-threaded code which was written on a single-processor machine  :-(
I'm not sure where the original poster got the idea that Java is "single
process by design".

One of the problems of a naive design which spawns lots of threads is that
it can hog all of the processors even on a large server with 32 or more
processors.  One of the more subtle reasons to use thread pooling is to
control this kind of anti-social behavior.

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