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From "Chaganthi, Madhusudan R." <>
Subject RE: How to configure memory params for Javac task?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:17:54 GMT
Hi Ramon can be modified with setJVMArgs() wherein

you can specify -ms128m -mx128m (if you want 128m).
Its at your discretion, I have used it in conjunction with optional tasks
and NOT the standard tasks, so dont hold me to it.
Let me know if it works.

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From: Tom Cook []
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: How to configure memory params for Javac task?

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Felciano, Ramon wrote:

> Hello --
> I'm trying to use Ant to build a large source tree, but get the following
> error:
> ---------------------------
> The compiler has run out of memory.  Consider using the "-J-mx<number>"
> command line option to increase the maximum heap size.
> ---------------------------
> I couldn't find any way to set this for the JavaC task. I tried the
> property as defined in the Java task, but that didn't work either. Is
> any way to configure the -mx and -ms switchs for Javac?
> Thanks.
> Ramon

Ant, AFAIK (and I'm pretty sure of this) only runs one JVM and starts all
of it's actions (except things which are exec'd) in that process.
Therefore the place to change these is in the shell script which runs and
(ant/bin/ant on UN*X, ant\bin\ant.bat on Windoze).

Your other option is, of course, to compile less files in each task.

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