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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] build events
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 14:54:24 GMT

I am looking at applying your patch to support build events, which looks
like a nice idea. One problem which arises is that your changes will break
the NetRexxC optional task, since that task calls Project.getOutput(), which
you have removed. Can you have a look at what changes need to be made to
this task to work with your changes. I don't have NetRexx installed so I
can't verify the task will compile anyway :-(.

I think we should also look at removing the System.exit calls made by ant
(we complain enough about other classes that do this :-). There are two in and one in I think the two in Main should simply
propagate the exception in place of the System.exit. The one in Project
should probably be converted to a BuildException. What do you think?


Conor MacNeill

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> Sent: Monday, 19 June 2000 12:31
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> Subject: [PATCH] build events
> ok, here's a first attempt to add events to Ant. The basic idea is to keep
> the core build engine "clean" and free of any presentation logic, and to
> make it easier to extend Ant with other features without cluttering up the
> core. To do this, I've defined a BuildListener interface and added an
> "addBuildListener" method to Project that can be used to register listener
> objects. Listeners could be implemented to generate reports, send out
> emails when the build is complete, create a bill of materials, etc...
> The only new functionality visible to the end-user is a "-listener" option
> on the command line that will let you specify the name of a class. An
> instance of this class will be added as a listener to the project. I've
> included a listener that will generate an XML log file, which you can use
> by typing the command below. I've also included a simple stylesheet to
> display the generated XML:
> build -listener
> (See attached file: events.jar)
> Matt Foemmel
> ThoughtWorks, Inc.
> ----- Forwarded by Matthew P Foemmel/Corporate/ThoughtWorks/US on
> 06/18/2000 05:51 AM -----
>                     Matthew P
>                     Foemmel              To:
>                                          cc:
>                     06/14/2000           Subject:     build
> events
>                     05:39 PM
> I've made a few changes to Ant for my project here, and I'd like some
> feedback on whether its worth cleaning up and submitting as a patch.
> Basically, we needed a way to generate an XML file with a summary of what
> errors happened during the build. To do this cleanly, I ended up
> implementing event/listener classes so that one can add listeners to a
> project and be notified when various things happen. The classes look
> something like:
> public class BuildEvent extends java.util.EventObject {
>      public Project getProject();
>      public Target getTarget();
>      public Task getTask();
>      public Throwable getException();
>      public String getMessage();
>      public int getMessageLevel();
> }
> public interface BuildListener extends java.util.EventListener {
>      public void buildStarted(BuildEvent event);
>      public void buildFinished(BuildEvent event);
>      public void targetStarted(BuildEvent event);
>      public void targetFinished(BuildEvent event);
>      public void taskStarted(BuildEvent event);
>      public void taskFinished(BuildEvent event);
>      public void messageLogged(BuildEvent event);
> }
> public class Project {
>      public void addBuildListener(BuildListener listener);
>      ...
> }
> Then I simply defined an XmlLogger class that dumped whatever XML I wanted
> into a file, and added it as a listener to the Project. I was also able to
> move all of the "user interface" code for Ant (ie all of the out.println
> ()'s) into so that it was all in one place by making it a
> BuildListener. The makes the rest of the code cleaner if we want to create
> a gui version of Ant, say. It also makes it easy to create listeners to do
> profiling, debugging, etc...
> Is this worth pursuing?

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