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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: New tasks.
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 07:29:17 GMT
Hi Tom,

take a look at spec/core.html in the CVS repository. You will see
there are some new ideas about extension task. Basically those tasks
wouldn't be built into Ant but loaded on demand.

>>>>> "TC" == Tom Cook <> writes:

 TC> Are you guys interested in such product-specific tasks being
 TC> added to the project?

If you feel comfortable with the Apache license and can live with
other people hacking your code - maybe even Mariusz changing it to be
less Visibroker specific ;-) - why not?

We will probably need some time to figure out how to deal with
extension tasks contributed to Ant. Maybe start a jakarte-ant-tasks
project after the extension mechanism is totally clear? 

Finally I'd love to see a list of known extension tasks that are not
part of the jakarta-ant project (and might not even be open sourced)
be added to the Ant distribution - as soon as such tasks are there
that is.


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