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From "Treanor,Ciaran" <>
Subject RE: Generic tasks for idl2java, javac ... (was Re: A question abo ut "available" ...)
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 09:22:55 GMT
> I've thought about it. But I didn't find correspond property 
> in the idlj from JDK 1.3

I just had a quick look at idlj and noticed the following option
that can be specified on the command line.

-pkgPrefix type prefix 
Wherever type is encountered at file scope, prefix the computed
Java package name with prefix for all files generated for that type.
type is the simple name of either a top-level module, or an IDL type
defined outside of any module.

The other option is to place a file named idl.config in your CLASSPATH.

If you have a number of these packages that require prefixes, it might
be easier to place them into the idl.config file described above.
Each package prefix line should be of the form: 


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