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Subject Re: [PATCH] SAX & JAXP -please read
Date Sat, 13 May 2000 00:53:59 GMT

Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> Could you elaborate on the problem with the JAXP RI license??? It is the
> same one as project-x and that was bundled up until these changes were
> made.

IANAL, but what specifically gave me pause at the time about the JAXP
license, as well as Project-X before it was the following clause:

   3. Limited License for Source Code. Sun grants to you a limited license
   to view only the source code included in Software for purposes of
   internal evaluation only.  You may not modify, distribute or use the
   source code for any other purpose.

This clause is no longer present, so the objection no longer applies.

What continues to apply, IMHO, is a larger principle.  The same one that I
believe motivated JAXP in the first place.  That we should cooperate on
standards and compete on implementations.

I don't believe that Ant should prereq any specific parser.  Nor should
Tomcat or Jasper.

- Sam Ruby

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