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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Generic tasks for idl2java, javac ... (was Re: A question about "available" ...)
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 21:36:37 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> >>>>> "VS" == Vitaly Stulsky <> writes:
>  VS> BTW where is third bullet? :o)
> Oh well, I should better write an enumeration minor-mode to catch
> these 8^).
>  >> 4. Have only one option at all - for the command line.
>  VS> I don't like this one ....
> Neither do I.
>  VS> I see this approach like abstract idlToJava task which has to be
>  VS> extended by specific implementation.
> The way tasks are handeled right now - and are expected to be handeled
> in the future - would not allow abstract task classes. The static
> factory method you propose doesn't fit into the way Ant works either.
> I do agree your approach seems to be the most flexible one but would
> need some changes to the Ant core.

We could use a delegation model instead. The IdlToJava task constructor
just inspect the corresponding build.compiler.idl property and create
a corresponding subclass of itself. then it will delegate to it all entry
point invocations.
Probably the delegation needs to be designed a little more, but it should

And with that pattern stablish one could do the same for others like

Finally, one could allow in this task to specify something like vendor

<idltojava ... general options ....>
  <vendor class="...." option="literal options">

Meaning that the attribute option will only be set if build.compiler.idl
has the same
value as attribute class.

What do you guys think?

> Stefan


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