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From "John Pappin" <>
Subject Re: Consolidated delete task (Re: make clean equivalent)
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 16:42:44 GMT
> Should we set defaultexcludes to false by default when deleting a
> directory tree - my opinion is yes.


> Do we need a recurse attribute (don't think so, if you specify a dir,
> you obviously want to delete it)?

Hmm... this one needs to be thought out... but I suspect it will be needed
so you can target a particular directory... this of course could be done
with an exclude/include instead, but using an explicit recurse attribute
would make the task much clearer to read, and avoid mistakes.

> Do we need a purge attribute to delete empty dirs - I'm not decided on
> this?

Yes, use a rule in the standard delete task... i.e. delete if empty, etc. I
would like control over empty dirs. They may not be part of the source tree,
but be placeholders for my working environment or some other workspace
addition that I want ignored by the build system...

- Brill Pappin

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