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From "tom goodman" <>
Subject Beginner questions for setting up build environment
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 01:15:53 GMT

I'm trying to set up an JSP, servlet, bean, apache, jakarta-tomcat, java 1.2
environment.  and would like to use ant to manage the compile dependencies.
I have all the pieces installed.

Can someone tell me where I might find a good running demo of this that I
can start with?  Or a good tutorial?  I dowloaded Sun's JavaPetStore code
demo (which uses ant, etc) but it looks like that requires the  J2EE sdk
which doesn't seem to be available on Linux yet.

Two basic questions:

1) I've have the java files in a hierarchy and want to compile the entire
tree into a single jar file containing .class files.  Is there a simple way
to do that?

2) The files need to compile in the right order to satisfy the include
dependencies in the .java files.

I know this must be simple stuff written up in a doc somewhere but I can't
find it.
If ant (or something simpler) helps, I'll gladly use it.

Thanks any help.


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