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Subject Re: How to participate?
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2000 11:38:34 GMT

> Unfortunately I haven't received any feedback on my letter.

After Tomcat 3.1 is released (currently targetted for Monday), I expect
activity here to pick up again.

> Jikes didn't help too (unfortunetely this extra-speed compiler
> crashes from time to time too, also it has problem with variable
> defenition in style of:
> com.mycom.maypackage.myclass myVar = new
> com.mycom.maypackage.myclass(mayParam);).

Have you reported this to the developers of Jikes?

> I think it is possible to extend ANT to perform the dependence tracking
> like JIKES do.  Do you have any proposals for this and how do you see
> the future of ANT accroding this direction?

Sounds like a hard problem, one that if solved would make a lot of people
happy.  I presume that all the code would be additions to the current javac
taskdef and wouldn't otherwise affect the rest of Ant.

- Sam Ruby

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