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From "Wolfgang Werner" <>
Subject cvs task
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 16:55:48 GMT

I'm looking at all the discussions comming up here for a long time
and do NOT want to participate in that...

ANT is really helpfull!

Some thougts, though:

1. CVS Task

But, I thing the cvs task could easily be improoved to handle
- commit
- update
- the flags -n and -q
- gives a default blank string for package.

With this, one could write :

  <target name="update">
    <cvs cvsRoot="<connection string ommited>" command="update" dest="." />

  <target name="commit">
    <cvs cvsRoot="<connection string ommited>" command="commit" dest="." />

  <target name="status">
    <cvs cvsRoot="<connection string ommited>" command="update" noexec="on"
quiet="on" dest="." />

what's what I need.

Attached is a modified file, comments, sorry, no cvs to apache at this
site, so no cvs diff -u file.

However, I desperately looking forward for the junit task, to force people 'not
to commit without test and compile'...

2. bootstrap improvement

a) bootstrap.bat could set CLASSPATH to blank, will work (because of dynamic
inclusion of tools.jar)
b) next step, build.bat fails, if CLASSPATH does not contain

This could easily be changed by editing build.bat.

Let's rock,

Wolfgang Werner

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