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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: I want to become an Ant developer
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 14:22:32 GMT
>>>>> "SM" == Stefano Mazzocchi <> writes:

 SM> Timo Koepke wrote:

 >> my name is Timo, and I want to become an Ant developer.

 SM> <IMHO>not a great start: "want to become" sounds like an
 SM> order.</IMHO>

Sorry, but IMHO Timo didn't sound demanding in any way. 

Maybe it is because I'm german too and would translate "want to
become" into german as "möchte werden" which is far more like "would
like to be".

 >> -computed property values (the syntax classpath="${classpath}" is
 >> a good starting point)

 SM> what do you mean?
Probably some kind of functional extension along the line of
"${prop1}.equals(${prop2})" or similar.

Sam has convinced me that making Ant yet another programming language
is not the right thing to do - although I could see benefits from such
an extension.

 >> -changing the current directory on invoking sub-Ants (for example,
 >> to prevent clobbering of output files given to the Exec task)

 SM> hmmmm, one might want all the output in the same directory. -0 to
 SM> this
So maybe make it an option?

 >> -support for additional languages like scheme inside Ant (could

Timo, take a look at the Script task in the optional package. Maybe
you could make your personal scheme compiler BSF supported?

Then again Ant already supports execution of scripts via this task -
why not add execution of another language as well.

 SM> oh god... do we really need this? I still don't like the ability
 SM> to include scripting... are we going to add every possible
 SM> programming language inside build files?

Of course one can argue about it. It is always possible to call
scripts in any language via the Exec task. 

I just suppose it's more convenient to have specialized - and don't
forget _optional_ - tasks for common languages.

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