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From Donald Ball <>
Subject 1 suggestion and 1 bug report for ant
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 06:47:46 GMT
The suggestion is - check to see if fastjar is installed on the system and
if so, use that instead of jar - fastjar is a c replacement for jar
that's, uh, _much_ faster than jar.

The bug report is - if I run ant, then remove a file from the original
source tree, then rerun ant, ant still tries to build that file. Methinks
the copydir action might should include a check for that case, or should
be deprecated in favor of a mirrordir action. I reckon this has already
been reported and a religious battle of much magnitude fought over it, but
I thought I'd report it anyway just in case. Hey, I'm not subscribed to
this list anyway ;)

- donald

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