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From Scott Came <>
Subject linkoffline problems with javadoc
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 02:52:39 GMT
Hello ant-dev...

I noticed that the javadoc task wraps quotes around arguments, as it should.
However, this messes up linkoffline, which actually requires two arguments
separated by a space.  Apparently the way javadoc is implemented, it expects
docURL and packagelistURL to be separate elements in the command-line
argument array, which doesn't jive with how the Javadoc task passes them in.


is:  javadoc ... -linkoffline "http://blah/myjavadocs
should be: javadoc ... -linkoffline "http://blah/myjavadocs"

The solution with minimum impact on the rest of the task is to find the
space in the linkoffline variable and replace it with quote-space-quote ("
").  There might be a better general solution, but this seemed good to me as
I think linkoffline is the only option to which this applies.

I have patched this code locally and it works on top of version 1.7 of the
javadoc task.  Would the maintainers be interested in the patch?  If so, is
the patch submission format documented somewhere?  (I looked around--esp on
the "getting involved" page--and couldn't find it.)


Scott Came
Senior Consultant and Java Developer
Puget Sound Systems Group, Inc
Olympia, Washington
(360) 491-PSSG

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