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Subject Re: I want to become an Ant developer
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 12:41:06 GMT

Stefano wrote:
>oh god... do we really need this? I still don't like the ability to
>include scripting... are we going to add every possible programming
>language inside build files?

Absolutely.  Just like I still intend to do inside of XSP and make
available to JSP users via taglibs.

There are things that we do not want to do.  We do not want to follow in
the footsteps of XSLT and create a new programming language.

There are things I would like to do.  I actually would like to make the
learning curve *SMALLER* for people who are comfortable with web-based
technologies, like HTML.  The way in which parameters are introduced, read
from a separate file, referenced, and passed from project to subproject is
an area where much improvement is needed.

Take a look at how the debug parameter is passed from the command line to a
property to the compile target in xml-cocoon/build.xml.  I would prefer a
style sheet with something like:

   .javac { debug: on }

This would apply to all javac tasks, and avoids the notions of substitution
of parameters inside of strings entirely.

Ideally, there would be no logic or parameter substitution in ant, just the
ability to define your project and include scripts when dynamic behavior is

>> -improvements to the DirectoryScanner to fully support regular
>> expressions
>Hmmmm, I still don't like the idea of regexp support in Ant. My personal
>opinion and experience? if you need regexp power to build java programs,
>there is something wrong with your file structure.

Somebody should go fix the file structure of cocoon then. as there is xt,
fesi, jndi, and projectx, and doclet code all intermixed in one source

My problem with full regular expressions remains that I would prefer to
write "*.java" instead of ".*\.java".

- Sam Ruby

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