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Subject Re: Proposal: Object offeriong CLASSPATH abstraction
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 15:34:50 GMT

Thomas Haas wrote:
>To provide nested elements in the JUnit task I needed something to build
>nested classpath definitions. Browsing through the code (javac, javadoc,
>java) I come along the idea of creating a general class representing
>classpath alike structures.

Common code to handle this chore would be a good thing.  Just a few

>   <somepath path="optional:path;definition" >

What do you mean by optional:path;definition.  I can imagine a few
different ways in which this can be interpreted, but instead of guessing, I
would like to know what you are thinking.

>       <element location="/path/to/some.jar" />
>       <path path="optional:path;definition">

If there were a slash added before the closing angle bracket, what would be
the difference between these two statements?

>  * Nesting many path definitions may not always make sense. It is done
>    this way to easily mix single element definitions a predefined path
>    strings in any order. I think that structures like the deeply
>    nested somepath will probably only be used the append a predefined
>    path instead of prepending it.

I don't understand what purpose nested path definitions would server.  Can
you give an example where it does make sense?

- Sam Ruby

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