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From Timo Koepke <>
Subject I want to become an Ant developer
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:48:41 GMT
Hi there,

my name is Timo, and I want to become an Ant developer.
My experience with computers, programming, languages and
software developement goes very deep (IMO). A tool like
Ant was *exactly* what I was looking for, and I greatly
appreciate your work.
However, some improvements to Ant could be made:

-(logical) include mechanism. That is, inherit targets from
 parent projects and execute them, rather than just inheriting
 project properties.

-conditional execution of targets (based on values of properties)

-computed property values (the syntax classpath="${classpath}"
 is a good starting point)

-changing the current directory on invoking sub-Ants (for example,
 to prevent clobbering of output files given to the Exec task)

-support for additional languages like scheme inside Ant
 (could use Kawa, me myself wrote a properly tail recursive,
 full call/cc capable scheme compiler [in Java/JavaCC])

-improvements to the DirectoryScanner to fully support regular

-template processor (that is, automated generation of build.xml files
 an even higher level of abstraction, automatic detection of module
 subdirectories etc.)

-deduction of tasks based on file types (not just .java => .class,
 but also .jjt => .jj, .jj => .java, .pizza => .java, and so on)

-perhaps validation of build.xml files

best regards,

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