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From Thomas Haas <>
Subject Re: 1 suggestion and 1 bug report for ant
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 16:50:30 GMT
"Daniel, Matthew" wrote:

> > The suggestion is - check to see if fastjar is installed on
> > the system and
> > if so, use that instead of jar - fastjar is a c replacement for jar
> I would recommend that the jar executable (and all the executables, for that
> matter) be set as system properties.  That would graciously solve that
> problem.

Would be very nice - somehow like the java.compiler property?

> I also wanted to ask about "expensive" operations.  I am working with
> Antlr/SableCC and there is a grammar which produces many java files, then
> the 1 or 2 java files that I contribute to the project.  I only want those
> many files rebuilt if the grammar file has changed.  How can I accomplish
> this?

The Javac task does something like this. As far as I can remember it first
searches all .java files, than looks for the corresponding .class files and
removes every .java file from the compile list, if it is older.

I am about to solve the same problem for JavaCC, which also translates grammer
files into java files. Would be nice, if we could build a reusable solution,
maybe based on the work done in

- tom

>   Thanks,
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