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From (Patrick Chanezon)
Subject Enhanced Javadoc patch
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 03:41:09 GMT
Hi Ant users and developers,

I enhanced the javadoc task in order to make full use of some javadoc
features as descibed in

which means:
* support for multiple link and linkoffline options
* support for multiple group options
* support for the @ argument

I submitted such a patch the 3/13 but it used an ugly hack involving a
separator to specify multiple arguments.
This patch takes into account the input I received from the Ant
developers in this list: Stefano Mazzocchi and Sam Ruby.

I implemented the link, linkoffline and group arguments not as
attributes of the task but as subelements.

The new syntax looks like:
<javadoc packagenames="com.dummy.test.*"
           windowtitle="Test API"
           bottom="<i>Copyright &#169; 2000 Dummy Corp. All Rights
           <group title="Group 1 Packages"
           <group title="Group 2 Packages"

This fixes as well the problem noticed by Scott Came in that list the

Thus, the syntax for the task changes: I was not able to maintain
backward compatibility.
If this is an issue, I am open to suggestions about how to maintain it.
The issue is: it seems that the attribute names and the entity names
should be different (else I get a nullPointerException), so I'll have to
change the name of the new options. If this proves to be a problem, and
if you vote for it, I can do that.

I modified the documentation as well.
One question about it: what tool do you use to edit the HTML
documentation ? I edited it in Composer, then added the HTML manually in
order not to pollute it too much with Composer junk.

I hope you'll like this patch.


Patrick Chanezon, Vortex - Portal/EServices Technical Lead
Netscape Communications Corp. -
Opinions are my own.

"Two monks were arguing about a flag. One said: `The flag is moving.'
The other said: `The wind is moving.'
The sixth patriach happened to be passing by. He told them: `Not the
wind, not the flag; mind is moving.'"
Zen Koan

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