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From Jay Handfield <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]: Added maxmemory option to javadoc task
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 14:08:24 GMT

Thomas Haas wrote:
> Jay Handfield wrote:

> Solution 2) and 3) look both very promising. As Sam Ruby pointed out in another email,
> the call to fork can be done in the subclass.

I am willing to add more command line options like max and min memory to
the Java task this weekend using solution 2.  However I just noticed an
obstacle to having the Javadoc task extend the Java task.  It turns out
that the Javadoc task is actually execing  the javadoc shell script on
the command line instead of java?  Looking at the CVS log I can see the
switch from java to javadoc was done relatively recently.
The log message indicates the problem was that there was that the
tools.jar was not getting into the classpath of the child JVM, which was
running the child java sun.tool.javadoc.Main class. To solve this
problem Stefano switched to using the javadoc shell script instead,
which does includes the tools.jar automatically.  I think we will need
to find a different way to solve this problem before we are able to
switch the Javadoc task to inherit from the Java task.  How about using
the java.home property to add the tools.jar to the child java classpath
task automatically?  Is the java.home property always available (it
seems to be on my systems)?

> If you are going to hack on the Exec/Java task, I have other suggestions (and I am willing
to help
> implementing):
>    * Implement the funcionality of Exec/Java in a seperate class not inheriting from
Taskdef so it
>      can be used in others. Rational: The Javac and Jikes tasks reimplement features
of  Java,
>      because they extend MatchingTask and multiple inhertiance is not possible.
>    * Exec should use Runtime.exec(String[]) instead of Runtime.exec(String), which would
>      the need for the runAnt shell script and ease using arguments with spaces.
>    * Subtaskes should be able to put filters on the output/inputstream to/from the spawned
>      processes. Jikes could profit from this.

These sound like good ideas to me. But I would like to finish getting
some version of the maxmemory option into the Javadoc task first, both
because I really need this on my project and because I prefer to develop
in incremental steps (especially on a project I am just learning).  Once
that happens I would be happy to help you implement these things.


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