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From (Patrick Chanezon)
Subject Re: linkoffline problems with javadoc
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 06:00:52 GMT
Hi Scott,
thanks for the tip, that's one bug I had not spotted.
I'm not a committer but I am actually working on a patch of the javadoc task in
which I will allow to have multiple link and linkoffline options (to solve bug ).

To do so, I will change the syntax and make them separate entities.
Then I think the best way to solve the bug you submitted is to have two
different attributes for linkoffline: docURL and packagelistURL.

As of the patch submission process, it is described in

Have fun.


Scott Came wrote:

> Hello ant-dev...
> I noticed that the javadoc task wraps quotes around arguments, as it should.
> However, this messes up linkoffline, which actually requires two arguments
> separated by a space.  Apparently the way javadoc is implemented, it expects
> docURL and packagelistURL to be separate elements in the command-line
> argument array, which doesn't jive with how the Javadoc task passes them in.
> Example:
> is:  javadoc ... -linkoffline "http://blah/myjavadocs
> src/packagelist-location"
> should be: javadoc ... -linkoffline "http://blah/myjavadocs"
> "src/packagelist-location"
> The solution with minimum impact on the rest of the task is to find the
> space in the linkoffline variable and replace it with quote-space-quote ("
> ").  There might be a better general solution, but this seemed good to me as
> I think linkoffline is the only option to which this applies.
> I have patched this code locally and it works on top of version 1.7 of the
> javadoc task.  Would the maintainers be interested in the patch?  If so, is
> the patch submission format documented somewhere?  (I looked around--esp on
> the "getting involved" page--and couldn't find it.)
> Regards,
> --Scott
> Scott Came
> Senior Consultant and Java Developer
> Puget Sound Systems Group, Inc
> Olympia, Washington
> (360) 491-PSSG

Patrick Chanezon, Vortex - Portal/EServices Technical Lead
Netscape Communications Corp. -
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