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From "" <>
Subject Re: Script extensions
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 19:21:25 GMT
[Sam Ruby Wrote:]
> >Probably some kind of functional extension along the line of
> >"${prop1}.equals(${prop2})" or similar.
>    <script language="JavaScript">
>      task73.setCondition(prop1 == prop2)
>    </script>

I love the script extensions.

The only issue I have with the above is making sure any feature
(in this case conditional execution based on property value) is
available on _every_ ant installation.  I'm sure we all agree
and are striving for writing one and _only_ one build.xml file for cross
machine/installation/platform use.

By using script extensions for the above, we're limiting the
usefulness of Ant to a particular installation at a 
particular site.  (If Joe peppers his build.xml with
Javascript and Thom peppers his with some other extension scripting
language - their build.xml's won't likely run on each
other's platform since scripting support is optional).

Which raises the the question, how do we guarantee portable/universal
support for a feature like conditional execution above?  (Since I'm
sure this won't be the only programmatic extension that will be

  - Do we build it into Ant's syntax?
  - Do we force one scripting language to be non-optional (Javascript)?

What's the right approach?


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