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From Matthew L Daniel <>
Subject Re: dependancies (was: Re: FW: 1 suggestion and 1 bug...)
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 18:16:33 GMT
>   The other part of this is that I don't want to have to specify the 
> dependancies in all cases.  There should be a make-depend like system.

	That would be cool.  Since Ant already speaks XML, while maybe not
easy, this should be straightforward. 

>   Currently Ant is closer to a scripting language than a dependancy 
> tracking system.  Adding dependancies seems to be a non-trivial change.  (I 

	Ahhh, so desu nee.  I think if we could update the documentation to
reflect that it would make people's lives easier.  I am a firm believer that
expectations are generated from documentation - ergo, say that it is a "Make
augmentation tool" {side steps that ugly flame-bait} rather than a "Make
replacement," which it clearly is not [yet].

> \x/ill         :-}

  Very nice! :-)
  -- /v\atthew
Matthew L Daniel                I amuse myself by installing multiple
Internet Developer,             software packages on my computer and
Still Current Development, Inc. then watch them try to kill each other.               -- David Fiedler

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