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From Matthew L Daniel <>
Subject Re: FW: 1 suggestion and 1 bug report for ant
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 17:15:22 GMT
> Would be very nice - somehow like the java.compiler property?

	Yup, in fact, EXACTLY like that.  Ant already supports different
compilers with the build.compiler property.  Trouble is, that is not the right
solution because it requires rebuilding the taskdef class file to include new
values for that property.  Not exactly the runtime-configurable system I had
in my mind.

> The Javac task does something like this. As far as I can remember it first
> searches all .java files, than looks for the corresponding .class files and
> removes every .java file from the compile list, if it is older.

	Yes, I know.  And the solution I want is similar to that, but scanning
the entire subdirectory structure is still not what I want. There is (more
than likely) a few "pivot-points" in any target that determine if the target
is out-of-date.  I am perplexed as to why Ant deviates so far from the
existing Makefile paradigm (ugh - I said paradigm).  Just because the file
format was broken doesn't imply the concept was.  IMHO.

> I am about to solve the same problem for JavaCC, which also translates
> grammer
> files into java files. Would be nice, if we could build a reusable solution,
> maybe based on the work done in

  Keep me posted on this,
   -- /v\atthew
Matthew L Daniel                I amuse myself by installing multiple
Internet Developer,             software packages on my computer and
Still Current Development, Inc. then watch them try to kill each other.               -- David Fiedler

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