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Subject Re: Patterns for addXXX ( was: Re: discussion: build file format)
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:13:50 GMT
> OK, fixed.
> BTW - I tried to generate some discussion on this on this mailing list, but
> didn't get any takers.

I filter ant mails in a different folder, and never got time to read all 
of it...

I think we are talking about a very important and common problem, how 
to map xml into java objects. 

It is clear that we can use some simple pattern like addXXX or createXXX
and the Java type system/hierarchy to create extremly easy to use
mappings, and ant is a perfect example. 

In tomcat we also try to deal with the same problem - it would be a good
idea to try to merge the 2 helpers ( XmlMapper and ProjectHelper ).



> At the moment, one can have any number of nested <include> and <exclude>
> tags under any MatchingTask, and each nested construct can be processed
> conditional on the presence (or lack there of) of a class by a given name
> in the classpath.  I implemented these both because they were useful, and
> allowed me to explore the possibilities that a richer description could
> support.
> I encourage people to try these out, build upon what I started, and give
> feedback.
> - Sam Ruby

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