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From "Kuiper, Arnout" <>
Subject RE: Ant project versus jmk (Java in Make)
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2000 21:04:01 GMT
I used jmk in the past, but I stopped using it because it was too much
hassle. The
projects I work upon are really big, with lots of packages and files. It was
hell of a job to keep the makefiles up to date.

With Ant, I have one simple build-file that does it all for me, with little
or no
maintenance. There is only one feature of jmk that I miss in Ant, and that
are the
compile dependencies.

This feature could be put in the Javac task. I would separate the
from the build-file (such that it can be (re)generated automatically (I
wrote a
utility for that a while ago, which could be promoted to a task when
The format of the dependency file can be anything. I would prefer XML a-la:

  <file name="pckg/">
    <depends name="pckg/">
    <depends name="pckg/">

The logic could be placed after the selection of files based on date. Just
the files that are dependant on files on the list to that same list.

This would save me a couple of clean rebuilds each day.

How about this?



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