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Subject Re: Patterns for addXXX ( was: Re: discussion: build file format)
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:09:25 GMT

Costin wrote:
> I have some questions/doubts about the pattern used for the add method.
> It seems ant is using
> Object addBar();
> to create a "bar" object that will be loaded with the properties
> ( <foo> <bar /> </foo> )
> Before too many people get used with that, I think we should change that
> to:
> Object createBar();
> We can use add methods like:
> void addBar( Object bar );
> and I think it's a bit more intuitive, but createXXX() works fine too.

OK, fixed.

BTW - I tried to generate some discussion on this on this mailing list, but
didn't get any takers.

At the moment, one can have any number of nested <include> and <exclude>
tags under any MatchingTask, and each nested construct can be processed
conditional on the presence (or lack there of) of a class by a given name
in the classpath.  I implemented these both because they were useful, and
allowed me to explore the possibilities that a richer description could

I encourage people to try these out, build upon what I started, and give

- Sam Ruby

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