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Subject Re: Tar Task
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 01:54:35 GMT

Stefano wrote:
> I created a Tar task. I tried it on my machine and it works with both
> GNU tar and Winzip but since I'm under win32, you might want to
> doublecheck.
> I've used GJT classes as Pier suggested. Since I've done some
> refactoring and cleanup, I've placed them under but
> I noted that almost all the code is based on theirs.
> Comments?

Sounds really, really cool.

Two quick questions/comments (I haven't looked at the code).
-  CR/LF
-  file permissions (chmod)

These are extremely important for shell scripts, batch files, and C/C++
code.  (in the latter case, #defines which span multiple lines require
backslashes - this doesn't work on Unix if there is a CR present too).

- Sam Ruby

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