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From William Uther <>
Subject RE: Hello, is there anybody in there....
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 17:47:53 GMT
--On Tue, Feb 22, 2000 9:22 AM -0500 wrote:

> Conor wrote:
>> I think that the most active committer for ant is Sam Ruby and he is
>> probably busy doing something else at the moment. I would urge you to be
>> patient. BTW the convention for patches is described here
>> It will help your
> patches
>> to be recognised as such :-)

As I said before, I've only just found a way to generate the diff output on
my mac.  Actually, I just noticed another thing.  I use 4-space tabs for
indenting.  I'll have to go through and fix that too.

> I have been travelling.  Things should get back to normal towards the end
> of the week.

Fair enough.  I assumed it was something like this - I just wanted to check.

> William - I do intend to look at your patches (I don't have access to a
> Mac, so the best I can do is verfiy that they don't break Linux and Win32,
> and trust you that it helps on Mac.)

Okie.  Would you like me to resubmit them as diffs?

> A graphical frontend would be helpful.

Ok.  As I said it is very simple, but you need SOMETHING like this on a mac
(unless you use JShell :).

How should I go about submitting this?  It is a couple of classes.  Should
I just attach them to an email and mail them to the list?

> BTW - in my travels, I met with the author of
> .  He uses it extensively on his
> PowerMac.  He is now looking into using Ant.  ;-)

JShell is very cool.  It uses swing by default and so is a bit of a memory
hog though.  I pointed him towards ant soon after I found it :).  He was
going to write his own xml based dependancy system.

> P.S.  Be patient *and* persistent.  The squeaky wheel does get the grease.

Well, I'd prefer to squeak too much.  I'd rather apply my own grease.  It
would just be nicer if others got to share the grease :).  I think I'll
stop extending that metaphore now :).


\x/ill            :-}

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