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From jon seymour <>
Subject Re: Proposal: XML output from ant tasks
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2000 12:50:36 GMT
>  Instead of a series of XML fragments, if we are going to do XML, we
> should make sure that it is well formed.  For starters, it means that
> everything needs to be nested inside of a single XML element.

> > - Sam Ruby

I wouldn't worry too much about well-formedness in the sense of having a top
level element. A program I built used XML-like log streams, but we don't
attempt to have a top level element 'cos we really can't guarantee that we'll
generate the end tag at the end of the log stream. Also, it is much easier to
write Element level filters if you don't have to worry about preserving the
parent element.

If you actually want to process the log stream as a well structured XML entity,
it is a simple matter to use an external entity reference to imbed a fragment
of the log stream into an enclosing element.


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