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From Will Uther <>
Subject Deltree and symlinks
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:32:28 GMT
  I just saw Costin's patch removing the dir.getCanonicalPath() check for
symbolic links from Deltree.  I figured that the 'getCanonicalPath()' check
for symlinks was failing because it checks for links anywhere in the path,
not just in the leaf of the path.  So I then went and rewrote Deltree to
take this into account.

  Being a good boy scout I uploaded this to a UNIX box to double-check.  I
then noticed that Deltree uses resolveFile on its argument.  This gets the
canonical path and should resolve all symbolic links in the path.  This
surprised me in two ways:

  - It means that deltree WAS inconsistant.  If the argument was a link
then it was resolved and the tree it points to removed (without the
original link being removed).  Any other links are deleted, but not

  - It also means that my hypothesis about what was going wrong in that
check was incorrect.  I don't suppose anyone knows what is actually failing
when "didn't worked on taz or any machine with /home sym-linked"?

  I also noted that, on my jdk 1.1.7 linux system at least, Deltree r1.2
fails if it encounters a symbolic link.  When it tries to delete a symbolic
link to a directory it deletes all the files through the link, but fails to
delete the link or directory itself.


\x/ill          :-}

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