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From Benjamin Young <>
Subject Re: Hi!
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2017 19:55:49 GMT
Thanks, Roy! Any help to get us up and running at the ASF is greatly appreciated.

What's needed most at the moment is selecting a direction--and for that, we'd like some active
voices. :)

The largest thing to determine is do we follow that roadmap (which I wrote all by myself...)
[1] and...

- focus on AnnotatorJS compatibility at the data exchange layer (meaning Apache Annotator
can read and maybe write AnnotatorJS annotations)?


 - do we bring the AnnotatorJS code base over and continue that work directly?

Bringing the AnnotatoJS code over is a bit tangled as the copyright is owned by several people
and under a dual-license (MIT/GPL). Also, the two primary contributors to AnnotatorJS (Randall
and Nick) have both stated a disinterest in continuing that work and instead shifting focus
to smaller libraries and then building back up (possibly).

For example, started with AnnotatorJS, but their internal fork is well beyond
a recognizable fork. It also happens to depend on Randall's dom-anchor-* libraries [2]--which
we plan to use here.

So far the consensus (from the few of us who've made it here so far) is that we start fresh.
That Planning doc in the wiki is as close as we've got (so far) to a plan to do that.

My current thinking is that we need to do two things:

1. throw some code up that starts down the road described in the "Planning" doc

2. setup a community call/chat/email thread to get initial feedback

I've been holding off on #1 hoping for more input first, but I'm increasingly of a mind that
I've had that backwards from day one. :-P

"It's fairly clear that one cannot code from the ground up in bazaar style [IN]<>."

Which means it's past time for me to post some code, eh? ;)

Thanks for being here, Roy!





From: Roy Lenferink <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 2:13:19 PM
Subject: Re: Hi!

Hi Benjamin,

The plan looks good to me. The thing I want to contribute to the project is
the complete process of becoming an active project within the Apache
Software Foundation.
And, of course, when I get familiar with this project, also some developing

What is the status on getting the actual code to the ASF (with a Software
Grant probably) and maybe update the website to also include a nice demo.
I would suggest for the website to just keep the same styling as the
current website ( Of course some changes must
happen, but in general, the styling looks good to me.

These things were the 2 important things which I was thinking of.

Let me know something about the current status of the migration of the code
to the ASF and all the legal stuff what's going on.

Thanks !

2017-02-13 16:26 GMT+01:00 Benjamin Young <>:

> Hey Roy!
> Thanks for reaching out and for that link error you found! I've fixed it:
> Also, our web site is a bit more accurate/up-to-date as there's no
> publication request/delay:
> We'd love to have your help here. We're currently discussing this plan:
> Discussion is ramping up slowly:
> -dev/201702.mbox/browser
> Thanks for saying hi, and offering your help. Your input on that planning
> document or just more info about what brought you here and what you'd like
> to build / see built here would be great.
> Thanks for stopping in!
> Benjamin
> --
> ________________________________
> From: Roy Lenferink <>
> Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 5:24:11 PM
> To:
> Subject: Hi!
> Hi everyone,
> I just subscribed to the Apache Annotator (Incubating) mailing list.
> As expected on any mailing list here a short introduction of myself ;)
> I am Roy Lenferink, currently a 3rd year student Software Engineering
> living in The Netherlands.
> Over the last few months, I got welcomed to the Apache community because I
> started working on another Apache project, called Apache Celix.
> Currently, with my study, we have to learn using Apache Hadoop for Big Data
> storage.
> The last couple of days, I was looking at the incubator project list for
> any interesting projects.
> I noticed the Annotator project and I immediately noticed the wrong git
> url, this one has to be changed to
> I also noticed the empty git repository, if you need any help, with the
> setup of these things e.g. the code base, the incubater files, just let me
> know ;)
> Greetings,
> Roy

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