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From Rebecca Sutton Koeser <>
Subject (re)connecting
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2017 15:26:22 GMT
Hello, all!  And happy new year!

How is the incubation going?

I'm (re)connecting with the group after expressing initial interest and 
then never joining the new listserv due to a change in positions.  I 
wasn't sure if I would have any time to be involved with the annotation 
work or it would make sense with my new job.  But, as it turns out, I'm 
now working on two different scholarly projects which are working with 

These projects are working to model, document, and investigate 
historical annotations and marginalia in existing rare book volumes, 
rather than creating new annotations, but I think that work is still 
something that can be done within the realm of the annotator project.  
(And if it is an effective approach, there is considerable potential for 
reusing it with other materials and projects.)

I've been considering re-using some of the annotation work I did on the 
Readux project I worked on while I was at Emory University (project 
site:; codebase:  Specifically, I was 
thinking of generalizing the annotator store I built into Readux to make 
it a reusable django application, and re-using some of the annotator 2.x 
plugins we developed for Readux (see the list here:


My main question at this point: is it a bad idea to continue working 
with the annotator.js 2.x code and plugins?  It would be helpful if 
someone could someone clarify the relationship between the new apache 
annotator and the existing annotator.js codebase. (I've looked over the 
emails on the listserv archives, but still don't have a good sense of 
this.)   If the new apache annotator project results in a different 
approach or completely new codebase, would there be some way to 
eventually migrate from the annotator.js stack to the new 
implementation?  For what it's worth, if we do go down this road of 
re-using the Readux code and annotator plugins, I think it's reasonable 
to expect that I would have some time to contribute to the main 
annotator codebase as well.

Look forward to hearing what you think.


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