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From 李兆罚 <>
Subject Can Ambari be used to manage an existing vanilla apache hadoop cluster?
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2018 06:55:29 GMT
    Hi ! 


   We have an existing hadoop cluster, which consists of vanilla apache hadoop 2.7.3(not hdp)
and apache hive 1.2.1(not hdp). It has been running for about 2 years in production. It has
lots of important data.

   We want to use Ambari.  Since the version of hadoop in hdp 2.6.3 is  hadoop 2.7.3 and the
version of hive is hive 1.2.1, we think we might manage the cluster with Ambari. Here is what
we plan to do:

    1. Install ambari
    2. Install hadoop、hive(hdp2.6.3) with Ambari
    3. Replace the data(include metadata and block data) of hdp HDFS with our existing HDFS
    4. Replace the metadata of hdp hive with our existed hive metadata

    5. Use Ambari to manage the whole cluster

    Does this approach make sense? Does anyone have tried this before? What are the risks?

    Thanks in advance!


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