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From Jorge Olmedo <>
Subject Issues while installing Ambari version
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2017 22:00:30 GMT





Hi, everyone!

new to ambari, need it for monitoring a 10-hosts Hadoop cluster in my

after download proper g-zipped tarball files, & subdirectories structure
was created, I followed the instructions of the Installation Guide. For
the ambari server, no error was prompted, but I never got the deb file
at target. For ambari-metrics, installation process through mvn got me,
always, to some Hortonworks repo, which does not contain the right
dependencies. This happened while storm metrics was being compiling
(some -SNAPSHOT-suffix file was not found, so I removed that part from
the pom.xml file corresponding to ambari storm metrics. Then, chaos...
Seems installation trusts in Hortonworks repositories for dependency
downloading but they don fulfill requirements: that or I'm doing
something wrong.

is there a way to download Ambari binary distributions without compiling
all the way?

if not, can anyone gives me some light about these issues and how to
solve them?

thanks in advance

Jorge Olmedo.

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