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From Alejandro Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Failing upgrade: Parameter original_stack has invalid value: HDP-2.4. The cluster is currently on stack HDP-2.5
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2017 20:56:59 GMT
Hi Marco, should your cluster now be on ?

Can you provide this info?

repo_version_id, version, display_name from repo_version;
select * from cluster_version order by repo_version_id;
select repo_version_id, state, count(*) FROM host_version group by
repo_version_id, state order by repo_version_id, state;
select * from upgrade;


On 3/6/17, 5:48 AM, "Marco Silva" <> wrote:

>I've upgraded from HDP-2.4 to HDP-2.5 successfully, when it finished
>there was a yellow notice of Upgrade suspended. For some reason there is
>another upgrade process, for the same upgrade. (The database shows that
>there are 2 upgrades processes (can't figure out way), the first one was
>successful, and my cluster is on HDP-2.5)
>Since the cluster is already on HDP-2.5 this upgrade fails with the
>following error message:
>  Params: Data HDP-2.4 HDP-2.5 upgrade nonrolling-upgrade-2.5
>  Checking if can update the Desired Stack Id to HDP-2.5. The cluster's
>current Stack Id is HDP-2.5
>  Parameter original_stack has invalid value: HDP-2.4. The cluster is
>currently on stack HDP-2.5, HDP-2.5, yet the parameter to this function
>indicates a different value.
>So how do I resolve this?
>- How do I "cancel" this upgrade?
>- or mark it as completed/success in the database/manually?
>- or change the params from HDP-2.4 to HDP-2.5 and let it continue?
>Since it's in this state of Upgrade, it doesn't allow me to install new

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