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From jeff saremi <>
Subject Re: build error: 2.4.2 - /package/deb/control is not a valid control directory
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2017 23:31:58 GMT
The issue was discussed and solved here:

I had to do this for the following projects:

From: jeff saremi <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:56 PM
Subject: build error: 2.4.2 - /package/deb/control is not a valid control directory

I'm following the instructions posted here (
on Ubuntu 16.04.

Installation Guide for Ambari 2.4.2 - Apache Ambari ...<>
Note: You need to have tools such as rpm-build tool, brunch, etc. For details on prerequisites,
please see Ambari Development. Step 2: Install Ambari Server

This is what I get:

[INFO] --- jdeb:1.0.1:jdeb (default-cli) @ ambari-metrics-grafana ---
[WARNING] Creating empty debian package.
[ERROR] Failed to create debian package /home/jeff/apache-ambari-2.4.2-src/ambari-metrics/ambari-metrics-grafana/target/ambari-metrics-grafana_2.
org.vafer.jdeb.PackagingException: "/home/jeff/apache-ambari-2.4.2-src/ambari-metrics/ambari-metrics-grafana/src/main/package/deb/control"
is not a valid 'control' directory)
    at org.vafer.jdeb.maven.DebMaker.makeDeb(
    at org.vafer.jdeb.maven.DebMojo.execute(


[INFO] Ambari Metrics Grafana ............................. FAILURE [ 19.458 s]

could you tell me what component I'm missing? thanks

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