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From Anandha L Ranganathan <>
Subject HDP upgrade failed on Finalize Upgrade Pre-Check using ambari.
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 16:44:28 GMT

I created the test cluster and  trying to upgrade HDP 2.4  During the
upgrade it failed.

Steps to upgrade the HDP.

Ambari upgrade - ambari-2.1.0 => ambari-
HDP upgrade - HDP 2.2.6 => HDP

During the upgrade I had one issues.  forgot to  turn-off the JMX port and
during the upgrade I commented that out and it went through fine.    I have
total 15 instances for this test cluster and it is failed to upgrade 7

But in the final steps, "Finalize Upgrade Pre-Check
<http://localhost:8080/#>" it is throwing error. It didn't give any
information in the log to debug the issue. Also it is not giving an option
to proceed further. Is there any workaround for this ? The upgrade process
is completed with 97% and could't proceed further.

   1.  The following components were found to have version mismatches.
Finalize will not complete successfully:
   2. usw2dxdpgw01: SPARK/SPARK_CLIENT reports
   3. usw2dxdpma03: SPARK/SPARK_JOBHISTORYSERVER reports
   4. usw2dxdpzo01: ZOOKEEPER/ZOOKEEPER_SERVER reports
   5. usw2dxdpzo02: ZOOKEEPER/ZOOKEEPER_SERVER reports
   6. usw2dxdpzo03: ZOOKEEPER/ZOOKEEPER_SERVER reports
   7. usw2dxdpgw01: ZOOKEEPER/ZOOKEEPER_CLIENT reports
   8. usw2dxdpmn01: ZOOKEEPER/ZOOKEEPER_CLIENT reports

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