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From Souvik Sarkhel <>
Subject Step 4 in Adding a custom defined service is getting stuck at Customize Services screen
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 05:43:38 GMT

I have created a custom service named *HDFSYARN* which installs *Hadoop* in
all the nodes and starts namenode, datanode and resource manager in yarn
mode. I want the user to be able to modify the following .xml files:



 I have placed the followed the following folder structure
|_ *configuration*

*      core-site.xml*
*      mapred-site.xml*
*      yarn-site.xml*
*      hdfs-site.xml*

*|_ package*

*        |_ scripts*

*       *

*        *

and my *metainfo.xml* file looks like this

*<?xml version="1.0"?><metainfo>  <schemaVersion>2.0</schemaVersion>
<services>    <service>      <name>HDFSYARN</name>      <displayName>HDFS
YARN</displayName>      <comment>HDFS is a Java-based file system that
provides scalable and reliable data storage, it is designed to span large
clusters of commodity servers</comment>      <version>2.6.0</version>
<components>        <component>
<name>HDFS_NAMENODE</name>          <displayName>HDFS
NameNode</displayName>          <category>MASTER</category>
<dependencies>                    <dependency>
</auto-deploy>                </dependency>
</dependencies>          <commandScript>
<scriptType>PYTHON</scriptType>            <timeout>1200</timeout>
</commandScript>        </component>        <component>
<name>HDFS_DATANODE</name>          <displayName>HDFS
DataNode</displayName>          <cardinality>0+</cardinality>
<timelineAppid>HDFSYARN</timelineAppid>          <commandScript>
<scriptType>PYTHON</scriptType>            <timeout>1200</timeout>
</commandScript>        </component>   </components>
<osSpecifics>        <osSpecific>
<osFamily>any</osFamily>          <!-- note: use osType rather than
osFamily for Ambari 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 -->          <packages>
<package>              <name>hadoop-2.6.0</name>
</package>          </packages>        </osSpecific>
</osSpecifics>      <requiredServices>
<service>TOMCAT</service>      </requiredServices>
<config-type>yarn-site</config-type>      </configuration-dependencies>
</service>  </services></metainfo>*

But the moment I place *hdfs-site.xml* and *yarn-site.xml* in configuration
folder and try to add the service it gets stuck at Customize Services window
[image: Inline image 1]
and when my configuration folder doesn't contains those two files
everything works properly.
Is it because *HDP* stack also has *HDFS* and *YARN* services and somehow
Ambari is still fetching some dependencies from those services instead of
the custom defined service.?
Thanking you in advance

Souvik Sarkhel

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