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From Eirik Thorsnes <>
Subject Re: Ambari Metrics gives NumberFormatException and dies
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2016 16:35:01 GMT

On 18.04.2016 16.27, Aravindan Vijayan wrote:
> Hi Eirik,
> What version and exact build number of Ambari is this? Did you do an upgrade recently?

Hi Aravindan,

Yes, I did an upgrade recently. Due to some instabilities on Metrics I 
wanted to try the newest git (which looking back clearly made things 
worse). Upgrade sequence as follows:

1. on 2.2.1
2. upgrade to git snapshot from branch-2.2 on Feb 16 (680502c)
3. upgrade to git snapshot from branch-2.2 on Mar 30 (a9e65de)
4. downgrade to point 2. (680502c) on Mar 30
5. upgrade to git snapshot from branch-2.2 on Apr 18 (b40ae34)

(Numbers in paranthesis are latest commit for the branch). Issue occured 
at step 3. or 4. above. I tried today to upgrade to latest on branch-2.2 
but problem persists.

It took some time to spot the issue due to the auto-restart feature of 
Metrics. The downgrade in point 4. was due to other issues preventing 
ambari-server to work.



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