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From Ganesh Viswanathan <>
Subject Re: Manual install locations for Ambari, HDFS and HBase
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 23:53:56 GMT
I managed to move all ambari, hdfs, and hbase storage, config, and logging
to new dirs by configuring the dirs in the ambari services config - was
fairly straightforward.
The only other large installation of files seems to be in */usr/hdp
(~500MB)*, which I could (theoretically) also map to a new dir and create a
symlink. But is there a way to refine or reconfigure "/usr/hdp" inside
Ambari config?
Also, is there any other location for installation of large files that
anyone has encountered during installation via Ambari?


On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 12:29 PM, Jiang, Ruhua <> wrote:

> I am also curious about the answer.
> If you grep the code, you will notice SO MANY python/shell script hard
> code the absolute path /var/xxx  /usr/xxx .  Not everyone can install
> software under /
> Ruhua
> From: Ganesh Viswanathan <>
> Reply-To: "" <>
> Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 1:17 PM
> To: "" <>
> Subject: Manual install locations for Ambari, HDFS and HBase
> Hello-
> I am trying to setup a hadoop cluster using custom locations. My root fs
> does not have enough storage, but I have a large ephemeral storage disk
> that I could mount and use for installing Ambari and HDFS, HBase.
> Is there a configuration setting in Ambari that can help me move all
> Ambari+Hadoop related storage (Ambari scripts, configs, logs, HDFS, HBase,
> Zkpr data, etc.) into  separate drives (for eg., /hadoop, /hbase, /ambari,
> etc.).
> I know it works when building HDFS and HBase from Apache sources and
> customizing the installation. But I updated all the settings in step
> "Customize Services" in Ambari but still see Hadoop conf directories
> missing and Ambari scripts running from /etc, /var etc. *Is there a
> central root.dir setting for each of these services (ambari and services
> deployed by ambari) that can help me update the locations?*
> Thanks!
> Ganesh

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