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Subject Questions about Ranger installation with pre-setup Oracle DB
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 14:26:44 GMT

we ran into some trouble trying to install Ranger using Ambari (2.1.0)
with a pre-setup Oracle database (we used the SQL files from
for manual setup).
By enterprise policy, we are unable to let the Ambari-setup do the
table/user creation stuff.

When starting the installation process, we cleared the "Setup DB and
DB user" check box under “Advanced ranger-env”.

First problem:
In the setup procedure, Ambari runs some function called
"verify_tablespace" ( where it checks whether the User
tablespace equals the entered database name.

Question: Why is this match necessary? After talking to our db-admins
I was assured it is not uncommon that these two might differ - as it
is in our case -> so the installation fails.
We had to refactor the code to always return true (and so "skip" the
validation) to proceed with the setup.

Second problem:
After successfully working around the verify_tablespace problem, we
ran into another problem: it looks like Ambari tries to run some
database-patches, even though we cleared the "Setup DB and User" check
box! Of course, the patching fails (and so the installation fails),
because the ranger db-user has no privileges to run ALTER TABLE etc.!

Question: Why does Ambari run db patches, even with unchecked "Setup
db/user" properties?

Any help/hints appreciated.


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