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From Aravindan Vijayan <>
Subject Re: Trying to get Ambari metrics to work.
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2016 22:03:08 GMT
Hi Joshua,

You can get metrics using the fields=metrics predicate. Can you try something like this?[1456261150,1456264750,15],metrics/yarn/ContainersCompleted._sum[1456261150,1456264750,15],metrics/yarn/ContainersLaunched._sum[1456261150,1456264750,15],metrics/yarn/ContainersIniting._sum[1456261150,1456264750,15],metrics/yarn/ContainersKilled._sum[1456261150,1456264750,15]

The metrics are defined in the metrics.json for the service. For example, for YARN it will
be at /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/common-services/YARN/

Thanks and Regards,
Aravindan Vijayan

On 2/23/16, 1:47 PM, "Joshua J. Kugler" <> wrote:

>FYI: The Ambari IRC channel is dead-ish. :)
>So, according to the docs here: 
>a call such as this:
>GET /clusters/c1/services/HDFS/components/DATANODE
>should return a bunch of metrics including rpc, disk, cpu, etc.  I'm issuing 
>this query against our Ambari server: 
>but I'm not getting nearly as much information. I'm only getting this: 
>What is the best way to get metrics from the Ambari REST API?
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